Jaboy Gun Training

Greetings from James Boykin.  I have been around guns since I was 15.  I became proficient through shooting, reloading, and Silhouette target state competition. For 35 years I have taught before large crowds and small classrooms.  I use this experience in the classroom and the range to teach gun safety, shooting skills, and personal safety.


I have teaching certifications from The National Rifle Association and Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS).  With these credentials, I am authorized to teach Basic Pistol through the NRA, the License To Carry class and Texas Teacher Safety through Texas DPS.  I also hold an NRA Range Safety Officer certification. 


If you have never fired a gun or you’re an expert marksman, my classes are designed and taught to assist all participants to become better and safer when using and/or handling firearms.  Classes are set up and conducted in a safe learning environment, and all learning requires hands on student participation.  My goal is to help everyone who wishes to exercise their Second Amendment Rights guaranteed by The Constitution Of The United States to be able to do so in a safe and proficient way.


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